Pre-Socratic philosophers suck



According to Parmenides we are a lie

Pythagoras claims we just can’t be perceived in our current reality

And Zeno says we aren’t going anywhere anyways

So let’s hope the future brings some new theories of thought


Because right now we aren’t looking so good



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I always loved phil classes, just for the  opportunity to what the ricochets in the discussions :-) But what I think the philosphers never got or get, is that they are trying to descibe a sunset, but using grayscale to do it.

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Amen to that!

oh Beavis I just adore you!

Much Love


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Though a facade, we are not a

Though a facade, we are not a lie.

We can be perceived in a different light.

No matter the stillness, we're alway moving.

Molocules dance and our forms are grooving.


;) Have hope! We look great!!

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thanks :) and I always have hope my dear don't you worry

Much Love