You can be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love *



When life throws you lemons make lemonade, or use them to squirt lemon juice into the eyes of your enemies, or better yet plant their seeds and grow trees to provide shade for those who would one day be burnt by the harsh heat of humanity

Use them to stop enemies from forming in the first place

Chose who you are carefully

So Sartre would be proud and God would be humbled and I would be a peel in your past forgotten

Things is you can be what you want to be

So be sour

Be sweet

Be a combination of the two

Just be

And know that you’re being is being for all

What you put out into the world is the world you will have

So have

Or do not

Just make it worth something more than a cup of mistakes turned positive and sold for twenty-five cents by ambitious children on the street corner

Make it lasting

And more importantly

Make it WORTH lasting

No matter where the being stemmed from

Make it more than the silver lining

Make it the sun

Encourage others to grow


So that when life gives them lemons, they don’t make lemonade, they don’t use them to squirt lemon juice into the eyes of their enemies, they don’t even plant trees to provide shade for those who are burnt by the harsh heat of humanity, encourage them to grow, so that all they do is say “Thank you for the lemons and the opportunity to grow”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

* Sara Bareilles

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Sorry, but this just sprang to mind ;-)

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I'm a teenager again! Whatever happened to POE?

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