I should go



She’s looking at me and I can barely see her

Half blurred tears in my eyes

A green and tan blob of skin and plaid buttoned shirt two sizes too large

A Grinch of a woman

Afraid to love you

Afraid to leave you

Afraid to feel anything in your arms

A beauty of a woman

A warm fleece buttoned shirt the texture of your hugs

A heavy minded reflection

Half blurred by tear shot eyes

Looking at me so I can barely see her

Or how you’ve changed her somewhere inside



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WOW. Powerful. A must read

WOW. Powerful. A must read twice. That one little give away, making the entire poem have meaning, I love it. "A Grinch of a woman" really gives perspective in 5 words, only countered with "A beauty of a woman". There is no grinch without a heart and it all starts with loving yourself enough to love anything else. Great poem.

running_with_rabbits's picture


exactly! you so got it! glad you enjoyed the read :)

Much Love


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"I should go" ;-)

Great poem! Great title! The knowing but uncertainty. You've stirred all the memories of the times when I knew it was time to move on, but reasons or excuses sapped my will, for better or worse. 

running_with_rabbits's picture


and you my dear extracted the exact essence of my poem :) <3

Much Love