Pop those water wings and drown



Do or do not

There is no consequence

Just the out come you’ll have to live with until you change it

So take risks

Live life

Dive head first into love

Pull out to sea


The current will always wash you ashore again

Worse case you spit up some salt water

Best case you know how to swim

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not a fan of the title....chnaged it thanks to thisisme what do we think?

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First things first, I LOVE

First things first, I LOVE it!

Second, the line "The is no consequence" did you mean There is no consequence ?


I Think the title is cute, but if you want to change it, you could do something like: Drown; or Do or Don't; or Take Risks

:) Looove ya!

Great poem!



running_with_rabbits's picture

yes...yes I did :/ fixing

yes...yes I did :/ fixing that now


love ya too

Much Love


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Lol, okay! I love it still!!!

Lol, okay! I love it still!!! It truly is GREAT!


Haha, I'm glad that my suggestions helped you with your title!!!!