I am afraid of you

Not because you are dangerous

Not because you could be anything and I don’t know you well enough to know if anything is good or bad

Not because of any of the reasons anyone would normally or ought to fear someone

I fear you for the most fucked up insecurities and fears known to man

I fear you

Because being with you means that I can in no way shape or form

Continue to avoid





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I fear you because being with

I fear you
because being with you
that I can no longer continue
to avoid myself

… the lament of every scar and every deep shivering thought that goes along with it. And surprise – surprise, how many times we run – till at last we learn, we cannot get away.

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Much Love


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there r soooooo

Many ways to see the possible outcomes  . Great ambiguity and I suspect a bit of a rant. Fab!



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gotta get it out or it stays inside and becomes reality...

Much Love