Silver linings



I have been deleting you

from my life



for the last four months now


It’s a process


Partly because my phone is dying

so it removes texts by hand selection

fifteen texts at a time


and turns out that when you think

you love someone you tend

to text a lot


so I’ve been deleting you

from my life



over the last couple months


and it’s a process


but it hasn’t all been loading

circles and crashes


it only took facebook three

clicks of a mouse

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this really needs a better title

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enjoyed this immensely

I streamline my my closet from time to time and delete by size. Delete a person? The ultimate rant! Enjoyed "loading circles" never saw it written before :D 



running_with_rabbits's picture


yea I guess tech lingo is going to star becomign common place in poetry!


My phone is so broken, it deletes texts 15 at a time and it takes it like 20-30 mins for that and half the battery... so that little loading circle and i are becoming good friends :)


thanks for the read love

Much Love


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I live with infinite snags of an antique smartphone

1. Touchkeypad is too tiny which makes me type wrong perpetually

2. Facebook lite doesn't have the option of "show password"

3. Cannot upgrade the facebook app because of lack of space

4. Doesn't support any language other than English

5. Selfies,Gorupfies not possible with antique VGA front camera

6. No flash for rear camera

7. Can't watch videos on youtube .. loading,loading,loading...please wait.. 

8. No space for apps

9. Baterry goes low after 40 minutes usage.

10. Unfit for outdoor use 


Question : Then why don't you get a new one with the latest features ?

Answer   :  Simply useless sentiments (It was the first smartphone in the family bought for my daughter)


I think I'll be deleting this comment after a few days since this has got no bearing with postpoems or poetry. BTW Respected RWR, why can't I see posts on the website Postpoems though I've put a "Like" ? Have a nice time postpoem friends. Sorry RWR for cluttering your valuable space.... Also I think I've run out of words

Any prizes for the longest comment ? Laughing