I bought two more poetry books I will probably never read

(at least not finish)

To add to the clutter that begets a life

(or at least my apartment)

And I sat at my new office desk with some sense of purpose

( or at least prose)

Reflecting upon my own image in the window

(or at least the darkness behind her)

Wondering when I’ll finally be done with writing about you

(or at least change the tone)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

<3 wild writers...I am becoming a festival junkie...

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Either I'm really jonesing for rabbit poems or you've gotten even but while I've been gone!!! Excellent Dear!

running_with_rabbits's picture


this was a most needed way to start my evening! <3 (gotten even better? is that what you meant?)



I need to email you the real good stuff I've been writing and saving for submissions

Much Love


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Always love giving you a lift! And yes Dear, "even better!" (I hate using my phone here)

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Much Love


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Dear Festive Junkie

I am working on becoming one - good to see you always. A fine write - Stella