We could be that couple that makes every other couple jealous, gives the faithless faith in love again, makes people believe in all those Hollywood notions of “the one”, makes young girls sigh on the bus across from us, has such a beautiful relationship that all their friends come to them for advice…we could be that couple

all we have to do, is just start letting each other be it

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"I made it so hard, so hard to forget. Harder to breathe, harder to admit. But I know now it's worth it, it's worth all the pain, you're worth all the worry and worth all the gain. So how does it feel now, when you look at me now? I'm ready to fall, I'm ready to stay here, if it's not too late....I use to be careful when it came to my heart, when it comes down to loving you, I never know where to start, so how do you feel now when you look at me now? I'm ready to fall, I'm ready to stay here if it's not too late..."

- Mandippal 

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"...letting each other be it..."

Cool ending - enjoyed - A -



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thanks my love! funny how the poems I don't enjoy writing get enjoyment in the reader... silly bussiness this writing stuff ;)

Much Love