Some things will never change



I wore skinny jeans and my blink 182 shirt you wore button down green plaid over grey with jeans and giant head phones and I can’t recall any of the improv just the way I caught you constantly looking at me and after we all went to the works and got stuck in those two tables near the kitchen and I sat with my back to the door and you sat across from me and I got a burger and a peanut butter chocolate milk shake and fries and you talked about how it was nice to see me eating how the girls you date don’t eat in front of you and always say that they’re not that hungry or they just ate despite being about to go out for dinner with you and it bothered you and you found it odd and I said you date the wrong women and I meant date me and here we are three years later broken up after three months of trying stuck in a two month reprieve from we’ll talk for the sake of talking and go from there and it hits me I wore skinny jeans and my blink 182 shirt you wore head phones and that ugly green plaid I can’t remember the improv just the way I kept catching you look at me

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Too Bad

Love at first is hot and sizzlym, later it cools and loses its flavor - another love lost, nice poetic form -A-



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love is never lost my dear it simply changes form ;)

Much Love