“I like you enough to take that risk”



I wonder if he realises, just how much he is currently confirming my worst fears and contracting his best words…and did he think I was lying when I said “I am afraid you won’t love me after meeting my father, after seeing me like that” and “I like you too much to take that risk”… does he realise how much trust it took to let him come over that night, or to reach out after my mistakes and try to mend them….does he realise that I had faith him, believed in him, and was just trying to give back what he had given me… I wonder if he’s even thought trough the possible effects of these actions, if he took them knowing the potential out comes, or was he just not thinking before he spoke…was he always not thinking before he spoke…

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She Who Runs With Rabbits

Is back! -slc-



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don't get too attached my love, rabbits do tend to run ;)

Much Love