The invention of a meth addict



when you didn’t know

Mozart was calling, love

built me a time machine

told me use it wisely

that melting was melting

and the past ought to be

the past,


so I listened, thought it best

not to get evolved, figured

there was nothing I could do,

that no one moment was to blame,

and it sat there,

this time machine of mine,


wasting away in the corner

of my apartment gathering

dust thicker than my tv stand

and then it hit me, the starting point,

the only thing I could change,

the formatuive failure,


so I opened the heavy doors

stepped cautiously inside,

pulled the cob webs from

my brain and there we were,

four years old on our first school trip,

lost together in a corn maze,

holding hands


“it will be okay” I said

“we’ll get out together”

and it hit me in the back

of my skull like betrayal,

that even there, even then

I couldn’t change it,

                            you started out that way.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think it needs a ton of work

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KindredSpirit's picture

IMO the time

Machine is the machine.

 Can I use it?

running_with_rabbits's picture


use my time machine?

Much Love


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If it's knoy It's OK Just

If it's knoy

It's OK

Just askin

running_with_rabbits's picture


like my only problem with that is that you knwo, you let oen person use it and then suddenly the whole world wnats to use it...

Much Love


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It happened again Sorry 3

It happened again

Sorry 3 inch screen

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I am sorry

My post got interrupted

And was misconstrued

I had to u

KindredSpirit's picture

That was directed at what

That was directed at what I

Have in my hand right now.

I would never talk to U like that .

U should hear me with the hammer

 In my hand.  Take CARE

running_with_rabbits's picture

I am confused

I am confused

Much Love


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Half A Ton

Actually, fast writes without edits are usually the best. I like it like this - nice time machine image. ~Star~




running_with_rabbits's picture


yes I tend to do those best, which is funny given how much writer's class INSITS its the otherway round!

Much Love