Writers’ brick wall all up in your face*



Yo poet!

I’mma kind of poem you don’t wanna edit with

Know what I mean

I will bust a poetical pencap in your ass-trixs

I will throw a metaphor thro your mind wrapped like the dictionary of hatred thro a window

Bricks ain’t got shit on me

Forget destruction

Writa I create

I’mma like god

I make word in my image like man makes sex in his

Novice you don’t even know

I can make your bed better than rock

I can make it paper

You provide legs like scissors and honey we’ve got game

Ima make you crave some punctuation

Desire alliteration

And hyperbole some frustration

Till you’re as old as a thesaurus and as smart as Google

Writa you just don’t wanna mess with me

I’ll bust a poem from your ass-trixs

Peace hommie



-Writer’s block



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KindredSpirit's picture


But I like this  

Is it just me gettin bored ?

running_with_rabbits's picture


or maybe we just are okay with funny ridiculous poetry????

Much Love


KindredSpirit's picture

I am