A Beautiful Present

I wrapped myself in the very brightest,

Colors sparkling in yellow green and red,
Wishing you'd clutch me to you the tightest,
Daring to dream of Christmases ahead.
I waited for you underneath the tree
Anticipating the warmth of your hands.
With love in my heart I thought naively 
That opening me last was part of your plans,
But you walked right by me without a glance
And I heard your laughter from the next room.
I mounted mistletoe, but our romance 
Was traded for this frigid, bitter gloom.
I was a beautiful present for you
And offered myself, but what did you do?
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Nice Metaphors

a sad holiday write - fyi, when I see an incredibly beautiful and attractive guy, I say, "I'd like to have one of THOSE under my Christmas tree." It's a coping mechanism. :D  - Stella




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Thank you.

Thank you for reading and for sharing, Stella. I hope we both soon have what our hearts long for.