Elusive Dream

Who are thee prancing like a gazelle

across green summer seed

catching wind through sunlit hair

filled with cocker shells

Alas, thy haunting image of fair maiden

deep in canyons of thy mind

frolicking in front of thy sight

painting horizons with essence of beauty

Dare I ask thee name?

Extending love-starved limbs

towards a love filled heart

with love I surround thee

so thee will know where love cometh

Thy shall embrace thee lifting in haste

drifting among clouds in the blue

circling the heavens, hearts glowing with love

forever enbracing the twilight of the stars

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I Fain Wouldst Ask Thee Thy Name


I Fain Wouldst Ask Thee Thy Name


I fain wouldst ask thee thy name thrice

and throw cockle shells into the sea

dear cuckold. Thy wife is there

beyond impregnable tower

waiting for her knight to bring

home honestie and assured



Fie, brave crusader, bedight

in armor gleamed, thine helm

unpierced, bring what is left

of thine honoure to thy kith and kin

and nere tell of thy deere

iniquities lest thou lose

that to which thou art



Stella L. Crews




I love a good poem written in archaic voice. It's period poetry



~Lady A~