Branches of life

In a valley in a field

in the forest and in the water

there is something I'm trying to find.

i look and look

i move the leaves

lift the rocks

and clear the dirt.

its a nice moment of work.

after it is clear I see a branch.

 Its roots were too deep to pull

and to strong to cut.

I studied that branch thoughtfully.

then walked further into the horizon. 

I looked back at the land,

so different since my intervention,

and noticed paint on my fingers.

i ran back to the branch and held it.

it alone i could not alter and it alone held me to earth.

remembering my search I closed my eyes.

i remarked I was finished and returned home 

unnerved and Unsatisfied.

in the night I came back but all was different 

and another rested on the branch.

at first i felt defensive.

soon the realization came

it was another me

painting on the shared canvas of life.









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What a terrific painting of

What a terrific painting of life... Very beautiful concept for a poem.  Enjoyed this greatly... Wish there was more to read... But I'm sure more masterpieces will be developed soon.  Would love to read more!

"A poem is never finished, only abandoned" - Paul Valery