pricilla, don't you know you're not the only?

i can tell your heart gets lonely,

but won't you leave my man alone?


pricilla, my sweet stranger,

can't you see my love's in danger?

i'm sure there are some others

but i couldn't find their names.


he was acting pretty rotten,

going out like he'd forgotten

all the memories we'd made.


pricilla, can you hear me?

i'm trying to speak gently

for i only want the answers

that he refused to give.


pricilla, do you need a friend?

i have half a heart that i can lend.

your body is a work of art,

but please don't take his words to heart

for he doesn't know how to love.


pricilla, do you need to be saved?

i've heard all about you

and think you're so brave.

but right now the truth is all i crave

because my man cannot behave.


pricilla, don't you know you're not the only?

he preys on beauty because he's lonely.

it's not your fault, the man is a tramp.

my dear pricilla, don't cry him a river,

he'll just leave you cold and damp.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

she's a good girl but goddamn

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Like this. KS

Like this.