Pissed and Scared to Retaliate

I'm scared and I'm pissed

This job is impossible

I met old boss tonight

and he says I should toss it all


He says I'm too smart

Says to not take all this shit

But my kids are too small

And I can't just up and quit


but I can't deal with yes men, yes women or yes clones

I've tried to crush integrity love average and alone

I can't suck it up, damp it down, do as told

I can't give it up, tow the line and then get old


Jesus fffing christ why is right such an agony

The shape they cram me into will never resemble me

Drunk pointless ramblings with heartfelt cores

Oh my god, is this all, is it selfish to want more?


Never fucking ever did I think of this unfairness

Try oh so hard and be sacked for what you give this

Catch 22, doomed to fail, complain and leave

Or withstand and suffer, battered down until you yeild.


Wheres's lady luck?

The big machine just finished raping her

Not a picture left to paint

For the little ones I'm raising here.


Again idealistic is the last trait to die

Not enough to crush my spirit, but enough to make me cry

Too debilitating much for the corporate fit tonight.

The example that I want to set too hard, but still it's right


The monolith of money

Subjucation of the self

Everything of daily worth

Crushed by gods of wealth

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Excuses if this is a bit depressing.  Very drunk, a bit maudlin and sick of years of being crapped upon from a great height.

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now you've got the handle of

now you've got the handle of what makes you the slave of your own thoughts 

heres the fight.............................................


give up

you simply cant win...................


give up


think of you .........................


now that you've got the handle.




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With a fair chunk of trepidation I came back here to read this.  Amazingly enough much stands the cold light of day. If I'm getting the right end of this stick, then I understand and agree. The hard part is learning to care less.  The caring, thinking, showing, saying too much is a basic building block of me.  So time to find somewhere else to share that? - absolutely.  Where? No idea Undecided