Here & Gone




Here & Gone




Overfull days, ring with "Shh!", "Don't!" and "Stop it!",


Forgetting that (despite the noise) you can't live without this,


Teeth clenched and searching for homework, bag and shoes,


Chuck them in the car and drive towards more time you lose,




Shouts, kicks and pinches..three times on the naughty step,


A blissful nights reprieve, then you miss them when they've left,


The tempo of a thousand days, drowning out the love,


You feel it never changes, but blink and then it does,






Fighting for the best..guilty it's not always you,


Despite the many big mistakes, they seem to battle through,


Sharing horror stories with the other folk they know,


reconfirms they're little angels every other place they go,




Occasionally painful love tears through the daily grind,


Look at who they soon won't be, try to pin it in your mind


"It goes so fast!", "You'll miss so much!" everyone will say,


Memories missed, care that's shared, REALLY tough some days,




Unexpectedly they flourish, all too often unlike you,


forgetting that there's only so much time for you to do,


They say "It takes a village" so you've built one for your child,


Still the taunts of "part-time parent" tend to gnaw their way inside,




"Sod you!" is what you really really need to start to think,


Everybody's armour has that nasty little chink,


Oh miracle of miracles, not broken boys or girls,


but smart and kind and ready for a big judgemental world






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