Wealth of Nations.

Who are the managers of today's wealth?

The funds of the world system,

What moral code runs their brain?

That much is entrusted to their care.


The liquidity of nations

What are their minds thought?

Illegal affluence?

Codes of embezzlement?  


Bringing all to a halt,

Thoughts of Negligence?

To destroy a reposed trust.

Oh i weep for my world,


That now seeks for good people,

Men and women of great honour,

To take care of wealth of nations,

Beating back the sons of swindlers.


Modern prodigal sons,

With the eyes of the serpent,

Searching for the wealth to swallow,

To render the nations captive.  


Perpetual captivity is it?

Who can keep the wealth of nations?

Like Joseph in ancient Egypt,

The world is still searching.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seeking for real people of honor that can hold down their jobs and save the wealth of nations. 16/06/09.

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Wealth of Nations:



I could not agree with you more. The nations wealth is in the wrong hands, in so much that wealth will according to them only belong to the few; whilst they measure their riches in comparing themselves to the poverty they create, and I say they are welcome to.