Body of a Black Women but Skin of a White Women



My eyes are blurry


So I cannot see


That the reason


Men look at me


But when the blur


Finally fades I finally see




Yes I am white but


My body is not


Typical for a white woman


My butt is big and jiggly


My boobs are big and perky


My skin is white


Yet my body looks




My curves look


Not mine but that of


A black woman


My fiancé loves it


Yet I still try to figure


Out where it came from


Yes my body is curvy and luscious


As a black women’s


Yet my skin is white


While my body takes


The appeal of a


Black women’s body


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romeoandjuliet113's What a

romeoandjuliet113's What a puzzle but it seems to me that you have the best of both worlds and which makes up you and your curves. Well we all have  a similar ancestory and are still evolving, have fun whilst your about it.