Needs a name

Mr. M

When your with someone
Are you supposed to feel
So lonely?
We had a few
Amazing dates
But since the last one
I feel like every time
We want to see each other
Something pops up
Maybe it just me
But I feel like
It's not mean to be
Because every time I have
Something good
It's gone to fast
I never make anything last
Maybe it's because of my past?
It cant be that
Maybe something is just
Wrong with me
That I'm not allowed
To ever be
Truly happy
I thought I was close
To being so
But I dont know
I'll wait to see
What happens
Between us

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we make time for what's

we make time for what's important. make the time or on to the next one

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Definition of Happy

Like saddness, it comes and goes in lesser and greater intensity. But to be happy all the time would be totally mind absorbing. Great theme - slc