My Southern Man


You southern boy

Have captured my heart

Not just by your voice

But by your heart

How true you are

To your family and


How kind and sweet

Your heart is so pure

It's intoxicating 

You take my boys

As if they were yours

You treat me like a queen

With you as my king

When you text me

I smile brightly

As I egarly open it

Like a little school girl 

Who just got her first

Letter from a distant lover

When we speak on the phone

My heart beats so fast

My voice becomes ragged

Not from sexual desire

But from anticipation of

What will come next

Your a mystery to me

And I love it

Every little thing you do

Intrigues me more

You have peeked

My interest

My love

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My Southern Man

This realy is your soul mate as well as partner, wonderfull for you. I like happy endings romeonjuliet113. Liked your poetry very much the reader can feel your love for your soul mate and excited anticipation on your journey together.

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sounds like a long distant

sounds like a long distant relationship,great write

ron parrish

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Thank you very much! And for

Thank you very much! And for now it is but not for to much longer though he is coming to visit :)

♡Love my babies♡Niklas + Stephan❤ My journey has only began and yet, I get to enjoy it with my boys and my boy friend who inspires me more than he knows. 

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good for you !

good for you !

ron parrish