I look at roses differently. 

i see their beauty and perfection. 

i see their thorns going in all different directions. 

im guessing its for protection. 

too many people have been breaking your heart.

so now you put up this wall and guard. fight hard. 

standing tall. 

ill pick up the pieces and mend your broken heart. i know you dont need saving 

so this is where i'll start. 

its free of charge. 

guarded by the thorns and leaves. trying to escape the bad things. 

you dont think i see. but you cant hide from me. 

i could make life easy, if you let me. 

watered down and sunkissed, i wonder about our first kiss. 

will it be like a flower and bloom? or get taken away by the wind on a whim. 


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allets's picture

Loving Me some Roses

Thorned or not, in my garden little yellow birds eat my zinnias - petals need thorns. Getting past barriers is what nature does, sometimes. Good write - thought provoking. - slc



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I've always loved roses even

I've always loved roses even though they have some nasty thorns.  Nice poem.