"The pain is her legacy to you. It's proof that she was here." -- Walter Bishop

I'm bound to you
No matter what I do
I can't get through
And can't get over you

We're tied, you and I
You're always in my mind
The strings won't unwind
As my heartstrings split in twine

I know that you've found someone to keep you warm at night
And I know that I should just be happy that you love your life
But it still hurts me, it kills me deep inside
To know I'm still stuck here on this ride

I'm tethered to the love I had for you
I'm tethered to the memories
I know there's really nothing I can do
Because what we had is gone from me

I still feel you, even with all the space between us
I still hear you crying out at night
And I know, he's always there to pick you up
But I still remember when that job was mine

I'm tethered to the life we used to share
I can't move on, always, I compare
Every look, every word, and every instance to you
Knowing there's not a thing that I can to

I don't understand just why
The first time that I looked into your eyes
I just knew you were my life
And you left without even saying goodbye

I know you're there, right now, with him
And I'm still haunted by what we could have been
A ghost still shadows what I hold within
Just knowing we'll never meet again

But, I'm still tethered
And I know that you are too
I hear you when you think about that only night
The one where I let you leave my life

And, we're still tethered
There's no way to unglue
And I know that I'm still on your mind
Because when you remember me, I cry

And all the changes you've made lately
Are things that I always said would make me
Head over heels with just a glance
Wishing still, that I had one more chance

I thought you were perfect before
But, hell, you just get better as time flies
I know I can't do anymore
Than etch my feelings into rhyme

I know you think I'm crazy
You know, you might be right
Because this dream that I've been chasing
Is only in my mind

I truly hope it's happiness you find
To one day strip this tether from our minds
Just know that once upon a time
You were the cure that saved my life

And I will always treasure all our time
Even if it was so briefly contrived
My perception just might change my mind
As time moves on and memories unwind

But I doubt, seriously, that I'll ever be through
I fell before the first time I saw you
And I've tried, and tried, forgetting everything
And I've tried, and tried, to kick the memory

But I doubt, no I know, deep down inside
I wasn't wrong for wanting you
I know, still that you're my perfect night
No matter where this life will lead me to
I'll always be tethered to you

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allets's picture

So Gone!

A long goodbye this - to yearn grows less intense in time - less painful, hopefully - Lady A