This Love

The Rhythm of Love

This love isn't for the faint of heart
Or those who never get too far

This love isn't for the weakened mind
Only those who stand the test of time

This love isn't just some feigned affection
Notioned by some predilection

This love isn't callously given
Not shared with any who will it

This love isn't the simple type
No, this love is mine

This love burns with intensity
Passionate touches and kissing

This love is a fire in the soul
Inspiring essences unknown

This love is a mystery
It can't be defined, you see

This love is the strength in me
Shared with the only one I see

This love that grows inside of me
Is not to be taken lightly

This love has only fallen a few times
And rarely escapes my fragile mind

This love is intensity
And meant only to forever be

This love comes from a tortured soul
Destined to be left alone

This love, you see, belongs to me
This love that cannot be relieved

This love, this heart, this hope inside
Is built of heart and soul and mind

This love, that I've described to thee
Is nothing but a mystery

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allets's picture

No Mystery Here

This poem clearly states a deep affectation built of hope and heart and mind - Lady A