A Woman Wants...

A woman wants to feel like she's beautiful
So you must tell her every day
She wants a man that's loyal
So you must always prove your faith

A woman wants a hero
To lift her when she falls
But you must be vulnerable
When she seeks your softer side

A woman wants a lover
Who's not too eager or too shy
She wants you complicated
As you caress her tender side

A woman wants a friend
Who will always take her side
And remember when you argue
That the woman's always right

You cannot be too easy
Or a woman will get bored
To keep her coming for you
You must always make her work

Don't always give in
But never feign the fight
Make her work for your heart
And the love it can provide

A woman wants your courage
And your confidence to shine
She may not see your worth
Until you vanish from her sight

A woman wants your guidance
But she always wants to lead
So you must find the middle
Just to keep your woman pleased

A woman measures your worth
From the parts of you she sees
And she's always looking deeper
Beyond the pleasantries

A woman likes a challenge
Read up on "game theory"
Is she thinks you're easy or too hard
She'll seek other company

A woman wants someone
Who always listens as she speaks
She wants your attention
Like she's the only thing you see

She wants to know you love her
Through actions more than words
And she wants you to hold her
Like she's the only one in your world

A woman wants companionship
But more than that she wants love
She wants to feel your heartbeat
With every tender touch

A woman wants what a woman wants
You'll be wise to remember
Give her something to cling on to
And you will surely win her

But she is not a trophy
Or some prize you can obtain
She is not what you get for winning
She is the finish line
She's the happy ending
To every fairy rhyme

The prize. The score. The blessings...all in her actions
The purest form of magic, that's a woman's love
Women aren't as complicated, as they make out to be
But do not think their simple, because you'll be out of luck

Remember what I tell you
To my words take heed
And if a woman wants you
Make sure you're what she needs

Because a woman wants to feel safe
When you stand there at her side
She wants to feel she's home
When she looks into your eyes

A woman wants forever
So you must always remember
Don't dive in unless you never want to quit
Hold the heart she gives you with the softest touch
When she gives her love, you must hold onto it
Because you are blessed when sharing a woman's love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...I will accept corrections, though I may not change much. All suggestions will be taken under advisement
but I think I hit the nail as close to on the head as possible, don't you

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Morningglory's picture

Good job! Now if only it

Good job! Now if only it were in a manual for men to study from an early age.

I am just getting into really reading more of your work and I'm enjoying what I see. :)

Copyright © morningglory

RoC's picture

I could write the manual

Read it every day, take these words deep in my mind...

And still screw it up, cuz I'm still a guy

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr