Am I Certainly...


What's wrong with being anti-social?
Is it not enough that I remain pleasant and amicable?
I am not a conversationalist on my best days
I am also not rude or indignant
I do not mean to seem standoffish or brusque
When spoken to I respond kindly
But I am a man of few words outside of my pen
So, why am I ostracized for not speaking freely?
All my life, I have been taught
"Do not speak unless spoken to"
And now, when I practice that lesson
I am unfriendly? Self-absorbed? Despondent?
Are you so self-centered that I am wrong for not immediately focusing on you?
Unless you start a conversation, that is
Then, my focus is all yours
I've never been one to initiate conversation
I've always stood apart from crowds
But now, now, that's what?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Is the world really that starved for some kind of connection?
That we should want from and give everyone our attention at all times?

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Born when cell phones and internet swift connection meets FB and NYTimes on line. The at your fingertips generation - always talking, viewing faces, watching vids. The new us, never quiet. I wish I could live long enough to see how this all turns out - enjoyed reading this poem - Stella


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The funniest part is

It's the older folks. I was chastised at work tonight for not getting to know my coworkers. Apparently, my lack of starting conversations makes me seem abrasive. Oddly, though, if I seemed so abrasive, why would they want me to be chatty? This has to be the first job I've had where the people want more talk and less work.

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