Hullabaloo In My Labyrinth

The hullabaloo of shattered sense
The noise of thoughts so fragmented
Inside this mental labyrinth

The catacombs of paths to send
The path from which I travelled in
Inside this mental labyrinth

The thoughts keep screaming at my head
To let ink bleed in challenges
To brush away the scattered bits
And write another one after this

To take the words that Ashes said
And scribe them with a magic pen
Clear cobwebs from the tattered sense
Inside my mental labyrinth

The hullabaloo, it calls again
For me to face a challenge with
The words that guide the path back in
To find me in my labyrinth

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allets's picture

Really Enjoyed This Line!

"...Clear cobwebs from the tattered sense/Inside my mental labyrinth...

I know the feeling, roc! :D  ~allets~


Lady A