When No One Listened

She sat on the edge of her bed at night
Staring out the window,
Looking up at the glittery sky.
Was she looking for God?
Maybe she was dreaming of her great escape int
the stars,
The freedom of infinite space
that the universe offered…
It was better than her life here on Earth.
Her dreams were always better than her reality.
She walked through life with people around her,
But they were never with her.
She was always alone.
Her head down, almost in submission…
It was the only way she ever saw herself.
The scars on her wrist,
The scars of her life.
They were once painful moments,
Somewhat healed,
But always a reminder of her weaknesses.
She was never good enough.
Her cries werent silent,
But they were unheard.
Her tears were visible,
But they were unseen.
No one could understand her…
She sat on the edge of her bed at night,
Looking out into the infinite abyss of space,
The dark nothingness of the universe,
The stars which offered hope of light even in the
darkest of places.
She cried herself one last tear,
And after one brief moment of pain,
Her dreams became her reality.

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I've been there, sometimes it

I've been there, sometimes it feels like i'm still there, maybe i am, but it's still a beatiful poem.





You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change. - unknown

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love this, keep up the

love this, keep up the writing, it does help to share

Susan Bressman

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Wow. I really liked that...

Keep posting and writing!  I've been there....escape mode, but I'm too chicken to take it that far.  Thanks.

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Ovlivion, Not Just A New Movie

Rut stuck. Think of the flip side of that coin, dream of future and become light that splits open the darkness - it's hard and takes lifetimes - be well ~Lady A~