1961 Night Thoughts

B. Boyte


I was struggling with emotions
all existence in detest,
When my suicidal notions
deemed that death would be the best.


While pondering the method
that would make me stiff and cold,
My bowels indicated
there was that, it couldn't hold.


And being so detained
from my deed so deadly wrought,
My feelings were all changed'
as I sat there deep in thought.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spontaneous weird poem, thought of while lying in bed one nite at about age 17.

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

haha i love it. Some advice underlining the weird. A nice demonstration of "weird can be good".

Your writing is really good, by the way. Came across them while reading the authors comments on a poem you had posted today. Halet is sweetly wrenching.

rob_boyte's picture

Thanx for the

Thanx for the compliment. 


My verse to Halet was written on a cold night on Buyukada while waiting for our last clandestine meeting in the woods.  I was huddled under a blanket in an apartment with no heat when I wrote it.  This was the end of a strawfire romance that burned quickly and brightly and left few ashes.  But ashes it did and I still get misty eyed when reading her letters she wrote for months after our split.