Does water stick to each other
or compelled to be so?

I've got a question
In fact lot of questions
for you all to listen and
if I am little lucky then I might get
an answer to some question as such,
Why do the dog bark when it has all the freedom of the night?
Why is cloud gets attached to the sky even though its destined to fall?
one way or the other


Ok.. well..
I’ll give you a break
take a minute or more if you don’t like what you're hearing
Maybe you are not used to listening to babbles of a madman of a sort
But even if you turn deaf ear to any of my questions
You won’t be spared.
'Cause the next website you are going to open,
the next person you are trying to ring/text,
the next app you’re trying to run which you downloaded just because you had an access to a free wi-fi
is going to ask you Why are you so gizmophile?
Only If you have ear to hear that, off course,

If your itunes isn’t jam packed into your ear


If you listen,
EVERYTHING questions.

and you never hear an answer in air like Dylan heard.

Because you are so associated with the rocket science and
keep forgetting its the space you are about to explore.
The engine, the combustion, the throttle interests you
How curiosity rover functions interests you
How it reached the mars interests you
But Why is space empty doesn't
Why are we alone in this place we own doesn't
Why is "there" no air doesn't.
Reminds me of Dylan again

Is there no answers in space then?


Now you own a phone that reads your eyes
You own a pad that talks to you
that reads you the book
Why are you ignoring someone who read your eyes

trying to send message written all over their eyes as well

begging to be read
Why don’t you talk to a person?
like face to face
like your tongue rolling and giving shape of sound to the air that is bursting out of your lungs


Why don’t we hug each other before we forget how touch feels?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My early efforts on slam poetry


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We will never forget to touch or to know what it feels like because we are touchy-feelie worms who walk upright with eyes in the front to see it coming, the next touch. Cool Would love to answer the questions (didn't need a break, really) :D ~~Lady A~~



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liked the part touchy-feelie

liked the part touchy-feelie worms... ooohh i m  feeling kinda wormy now... :D