Small things

Oh! how I wish somebody care to
send me a  bubble wrap
(would love it even more if it is sent wrapped in another wrap)
I'll pop'em like I love to
but I'll leave one or two in rows
Not because I have soft spot for the air in plastic
But because I don't want anyone else
finding the wrap second hand all popped and cursing my greed


Its a strange feeling when you think about somebody else
when you don't have to
you don't need to
Even when you don't want to
but you do


May be that's how you make yourself smile.

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its a wonderful way you expressed love for others

thank you!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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Thanks you for wonderful and

Thanks you for wonderful and encouraging words :)

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This Was Delightful

and full of kindness. I have rarely encountered unrecompenced and anonymous gift. Good hearts do this. Well said and well received. ~ Lady A ~



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Thank you so much for kind

Thank you so much for kind words.

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51 Weeks Out

Where did you go. You give us bubble wrap and leave some for us - okay u can tell me, CIA, Homeland, you secretely work for Massad? Part time Navy Seal?  Hmmmmm. Hope all is well. - Stella -




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Oh my god!! This comment is where I will come when I need to  be happy :) And Sorry I cannot answer your quest. shhhhhh....  And just posted a poem just because of this comment. Hope you like it and help me to write like you.

Thanks again.