Holding my key & my lock

Staring at the stars,
and hearing soothing harps.
In the night we lay on our backs,
on the fluffy grass.

Look up into the sky,
your hand holding mine. 
I see the moonlight in your eyes,
you see the starlight in mine.

The butterflies going buzzerk inside,
but trying to hide my nervous design.

I try to see whats going on inside,
your perplexed mind. 
You're blatantly wondering about mine. 

My chrystal blue gems look back to the flawless sky.
Thinking about the time gone by.
Your eyes catch my mine,
then I look away all shy.

The mood made perfect,
by the sound of a loving sigh.

The love notes you write,
I still sleep beside,
follow your words like a person gone blind.
And yes, it was love at first sight. 

I'm holding my key and my lock,
and on my heart I hear a "knock, knock."
Looks like someone wants to come in.

I stumble to the door,
tossing my gun in the bin.

Fixing my hair and pushing my bra,
smiling as I twist the key,
nervous and excited,
to see who my lover may be. 

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Thank you :P

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Bra Pushing

These images come alive for me - love the bra push, thought I was the only one who got ready that way (smile) encore ~A~



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You're not the only one! :P