Green truck

The green truck

My grandfather`s carrying truck. When my cousins and I were young we usually had many fun climbing my grandfather`s truck. We played all afternoon, our mothers said that it was very dangerous to climb the truck, because it was not safe at all by the sides. This green, huge, and strong truck was always at the front of my grandparent’s house. It usually had anything on it. We imagined that we were pirates, and the big box of the truck was jail. So if someone could climb out, he was escaping and won. My grandfather always talks about his many trucks he has. He can remember each of them and what problems they had, what year he bought them, and to who did he bought them. He has every permition of driving since many years ago. He loved his job, 2 years ago my mother and uncles decided that he couldn’t work any more. I know that it hurts that to my grandfather, because every time someone asks and little question from his past, it always involves his work. That green truck is still working, but no more with my grandfather. That strong truck is with an uncle carrying heavy things. That beautiful truck were we used to play is no more at my grandparents house. I know that it wont take much for the truck to stop working, but my grandfather is very happy that his working equipment was the happiness for us. The truck had many ropes, and with those ropes he told us how to make good resistant knots. That green I haven’t seen it on any other car now a day. This green was special and unique for it. In its doors had the name of my grandfather, and it`s ranch name also. That truck has many hard and aggressive kilometers in it. It is still date that the truck is working hard and having no problems with it.

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Hero Drives Green Truck

Ah the love in this dedication, this tribute to your grandfather. The green truck still carries heavy things, including the heavy life and contributions of your grandpa to you as a writer - welcome and keep writing - Lady A