Happy Home

Gaze out the window, is that a happy home?

Don’t let me be someone who unhappily roams

Divorce kills you

But it builds character in life 

Body on the floor, head on the ceiling,

And back stabbed by a knife.

Marriage is what’s sacred, love is where’s home

Don’t let hatred take its control

Don’t break the foundation, from which two have grown

Create more lives,

Let it be a happy home.

Money and failure never grow old

Mistakes encountered, love is now sold 

Regret & anguish burning inside, yet feeling so cold

I thought love was forever or so I was told.

Torn into pieces,

Divided lines,

So many draw a border, when you could salvage the time.

Children grow older 

Parents grow wise

Life finds its order, but regret still resides.

Love that could work, work it through time

Don’t be so hasty, to change your mind

Circumstances call for action, all can understand

Love shouldn’t be so hard for a woman and a man.

Lovely encounters, marriage ensues, don't let divorce come between me and you

Don’t let me be someone who unhappily roams

If love is gone, it’s an unhappy home 






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allets's picture

Nice Balance

"Children grow older/Parents grow wise" repetition and then a life-statement spoken with precision and clarity. The two lines bounce off each other rhythmic (the 1st line rises with the voice, the second goes down low) nice balance. slc



eleven_eleven's picture

Divorce is the end of an era,

Divorce is the end of an era, but not the end of life. Life goes on, loves go on. Marriage takes two who fall in love over & over w/ each other. If that’s not it, then move on