Daddy Issues

Poems about my dad

I want to know why

Why you left my sister and I

Daddy Issues.

I'd rather be playing outside with you

She'd rather be adoring you

Your company.

But we have daddy issues

Toxicity, dissent, then repent

I don't want to put any blame

I don't want to cry anymore

Daddy Issues.

I loved you, I love you

We become seperated, my role model faded

Anger and hate

I just want them to dissipate

Daddy Issues.

A relationship gone

Family ties cut

I know we still reside, inside

That heart of yours

You don't want to die alone

So you find someone new, no problem with new faces

But why don't your children count

Just watch as the old erases


Your company and daddy issues. 


We aren't all you have now 

Another family, wow

Find the time, let yourself be seen

A basement's view of someone else

Time dwindles and expires

Your face less seen until erased

Resentment builds, can't you see

Blame it on me.

No matter what you believe

I think we both can agree

Where did the time go?

Blame it on me.

Though, it's not all my fault

Forget the others involved

Disagreement, manipulation, situations

Past it all

Grown now, in my own thoughts

I've come to terms

It doesn't matter anymore

Just blame it on me.

Sleeping with my worries

Your abscense of love back then in my mind, gave me motivation to be something

But imagine the presence of that love back then...


If you ever felt pride in me,  I didn't know


If you ever cried for me,  I didn't know


If you would die for me,  only you would know


So let me know.

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Respect Is Earned

I met my uncle and gave him what for, I med my father at my mother's funeral after decades of absence. Everyone was shocked. Why? His ass never paid child support. Met him for the first time at my mother's funeral. Who does that? I gave him what for with worlds like asshole and shit bitch - in the basement of a church. Ripped him a new one. Yeah. Then I gave a loud lecture on what a father is and how he is there for all the events and the birthdays and has to be there and know you, and help you, and be there and buy you stuff. In this poem, you want what? U have what? - slc 



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A father

I’m sorry to hear that, I know exactly how that feels. To be honest, I don’t know what I really want, I want my dad back, I had a different but similar situation in that my dad was present and my role model for my first 11 years of my life then when divorce came he too left my sister and I and also didn’t pay child support and neglected us to start a new family, yet now tries to lazily reconnect but not really at times. I want that relationship back I believe but not in that way he would give it to me now, I think that’s what I want. I had a cherished relationship that had left a defining residual effect on me.

Riad Rababeh

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Some Memories

With no memories of boyfriend my day, it's just the way it was and forgotten - I don't share that much of me often. You evoked a sore spot - a lot of folks are missing parents - they die early, they are sick, they go to prison, they are miitary and seldom home, travel in their work and seldome home, they leave, they are there and neglect (but there is the flip side, the loving family, the pulling together, sharing joy families too. Make one, be one. That is your future goal and you will excel at being a great father and dad and husband and citizen. That's what I did and extended my ability to love to "whoever was there" family and to friends. I adopted two dads (dads of high school chums) Al and Luther - both dead now, but they were mentors and admirers and there for counsel - and they gave me the boost to succeed that no one else did. They saw me. It was nice to be seen. I am so sorry that you lost your dad. who started another family after a divorce. Broken families heal in time (or not). Sad. - slc