Everything You've Come to Expect

Everything you've come to expect, that's the realest truth

Life throws many punches, but you only dodge a few

Heavy, steady motion

Life moving in it's place

Another weekend out your life

Soon can't recognize your face.


Unknown reasons for this

For reasons unknown

Who, who are you? The mirror makes you cry

You expect everything, that's the realest lie

Life can be unpredictable, not always saying bye when you die.


Your expectations become your purpose 

So this life you elongate

For however long you can

Heaven and Hell soon await


Expect nothing, or expect everything, regardless what you expect

The life you project  (Future)

The life you protect  (Past)

The life you reflect  (Present)

Granted only one life, some mistakes you can't correct


So, is this everything you've come to expect?


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The Title Takes Care of The End Line

Interesting speculaitons and assertions (heaven and hell soon await). I like the timeline of "soon". "The life you reflect..." is very fine. - slc