Dying Day

My head has me dizzy

My heart is so anxious

My legs, they are numb

My arms, they feel weak


Though my chest,   it beats


My eyes, they go blind

And so does my mind

My ears, they don't hear

My compassion, it retreats

My care soon recedes

And my love just depletes


Though my chest,  my chest

Continues to beat


My morals are forgone

My family I loved fades

As my last breath departs

My future reduces to rubble

My life washes away

And my chest, my chest...


Surrenders its beat while my body lay


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Where My Body Lies



Sleep fades like dreams of youth

and the limbs refuse to comply 

with my demand to move. Heart

beat and lungs cause the chest

to fall and rise while the body

lies here, indifferent.


Tell me where the body lies?

Blood is mostly water, cells

divide without my help. Who

wants the skin shedded, sweat,

or old fallen hair?








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This is beautiful, it feels

This is beautiful, it feels like a natural second part to my poem. Thank you for sharing, I especially love the last line," Who wants the skin shedded, sweat, or old fallen hair?"

Riad Rababeh