I Dreamt I was a Jedi

I dreamt I was a Jedi

Strong with the Force was I

Hung out with Han and Yoda 

and had a helluva time


Drank whiskey with a Wookie

then drunk-flew to Naboo

Got a tattoo on Tatooine

with my homey R2D2


We hyper-spaced to the Death Star

to look up dear old dad

(if you don't count the whole 'Sith Lord thing',

he's really not that bad.)


I dreamt I was a Jedi

Kenobi called the shots

ANOTHER text from Padme?

I think she has the hots.

(for me!)


The Jedi order was shrinking

It was practically extinct

I suppose it could be so much worse

I could be Jar Jar Binks


I toboganned down the slopes of Hoth

had a time share on Alderon

Got bitch-slapped in an asteroid field

then brunched with wise Qui-Gon


The Emperor was a buzz kill

Jabba was kind of a creep

Leia was fun, I liked her buns

Count Dooku was way...too...deep.


I dreamt I was a Jedi

A master I would stay

A long, long time ago

In a galaxy far, far away.

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