Another Birthday


Another year has gone by

Wtihout You Mom,

And we're doing OK.

We've had some scary times

Times, I wish you'd been

Here for me.....

But I guess that's just Selfish

On my part.

I'm learning that the promise

I made to you

That last day...

I haven't kept

I said I would

Be Okay, and good to myself ,

Just so could let go of your suffering.

I haven't been Okay....

You see, I tell eveyone

That your love was unconditional

Then I put the condition of it ..

On those last decisions I made...

It doesn't  make sense

That you would love me less...

I put the conditions on your

Unconditonal Love...

So for this Birthday Mom

I'm going to try each and everyday

To be more forgiving  to myself

Because I think somehow you know

Where ever you are how I hurt, and I

Wouldn't want that for my child ..

I can't imagine you would want that

For me.

Thank you Mom

For the gift of Unconditional Love

And forgiveness on your Birthday.

Love you, and see you,

When the time comes.

I love you, Mom


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    This poem you have



This poem you have written is so honest; it is harder for the dying I think to let go of what they might think will come along and hurt us, rather than being afraid of letting go on life when the time comes. Your poem is lovely to read and well written. I enjoyed your poem very much.