Why give up so many for one that wants nothing to do with you?
Why give up your dreams for one who wont give you one bit of happiness?

Why tend to give up your life for one that care less of you?
Why give up your wealth for one that gives lot stresses?

Why gives so many love knowing it all gone to waste?
Why so blind to see that he's using you?
Why so blind to see the truth?

That love ain't just love,
Yet you too far blind to see that.

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I was about to write about this same topic as I have expiecened that. 

I eneded "the relationship" just three days ago even though through that three months i held into us with my hands and feet and willing to do anything just for him to care but i eventually realized that i am better and eserve better. The amount of love that i can offer is sad to be wasted into someone who won't even return half or appreciate it.

If you are in this situation just know you deserve better even if they make you feel like you're happy. 

You deserve to be happy and comfortable with yourself and with someone else.

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Thank you, i shall that in mind

Rey Gavin Sebake