Better to Be

Born of a vacuum

Surrounded by sound

Coiled springs, ready 

To bolt, to run, to fight.

Lightest touch able to 

Devastate in it's fragility.

Too numb to care,

Lay the soul bare.

Countless sightless stares

Pile up, a cacophany

Mounting horror and fear

As Death draws near,

Pulling all into her

Inevitable embrace.

But the mortal coil

Shivers and quakes,

Unable to comprehend

Silence's truths,

The beauty of nothing

And peace found in 



For to be blank

Is unusual.

Most consider it better

To be filled, fat with 

Heavy weighted words,

Ideals and beliefs able 

To drown those who carry them.

Nothing is true.

Everything is questioned.

Better to be the blank page.

It has so many possibilities.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'd rather be a blank page.

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allets's picture

I Used To B

a blank page, then I started writing what I knew and each year the page's ink became more costly for use. In the end, all we are is our words, our pictures, what we leave for future blank pages. At 64, blank anything equals mortality "...peace found in emptiness..." Awesome! I liked this one lots, read 3 x - Just Bein' Stella