Silken Smoke

Silken strands of palest blue, 

Almost white, curling in an 

Undulating rivulet of

Motion, always drifting

In eddies and whirls.

I've spent hours watching it

List along from the end of a 

Cigarette, drifting upwards 

From the lit incense stick 

Carefully placed beside me.

You'll never see the same 

Shape twice, for the figures

Within dance to their own

Rhythm, tilting along the 

Wind's direction,

Following it's every


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I like watching things.

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allets's picture

Smoke Essences

Yep, that's what smoke does. I love incense - quit smoking years ago, but incense on the eddies of the room is nice imagery - like dust motes in a shaft of light. I enjoyed, peaceful and yes pictures form ~A~





ReilaMorello's picture


I quit smoking awhile ago as well, but I started because I find rising smoke absolutely fascinating. Now that I don't partake anymore, I find myself drowning in incense most of the time. =) I'm glad you enjoyed it!