Glass Cages

Passing stranger smiles, 

Fooled by friendly eyes.

Think you see right through me?

Thin partitions are meant to disguise.


Some people live for other's grief.

Some give their hearts away

Never expecting anything back. 

"I love you" is so hard to say.


Nightmares lurking in the shadows,

Monsters under the bed,

Constantly watching, whispering and waiting, 

Waiting to get inside your head.


What you see isn't always real, 

Sometimes that's hard to know. 

The inner self and the outer shell, 

Two different things that we show.


Glass cages hidden in the dark

Secret rooms behind walls. 

Far deeper than the surface,

The last reflection reveals all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Musing as usual.

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Deep Musings

"...far deeper than the surface..." Poetry is sorta like finding new ways of expressing commonalities and cliched concepts. Eureka! You found it! ~Lady A~