Space, overlapping

I saw you in my sleep

Just out of reach



Oh, my lady

To much pain in this flesh

Your constantly 



Broken window

Back in this blood filled maze

I hear your voice 

Can't make out a single word



I will never give up

See the sun 

Breath the life

Trust in something 

Know your not alone



I hope you see

A wish you breath 

Recode the dream

Survival is a must 

Reconstruct the ability to love

Trust it's just a phase 



The bad, trust me 

Or, trust in yourself 

Your not evil 

You don't deserve hell 

Or I deserve a place much worse 

You have my body 

Take it out, I can take it all



Or maybe just gathering 

It up, bleeding it out

Ripping every inch 

Till this vessel is just soul

I'd do this much for you 

if I didn't survive, know I forgive you

It was my choice after all, my dear.



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allets's picture

Absolute Genious

This poem has everything, texture, direct address, philosophy of life and love. I enjoyed reading it enormously. This poem rocks! ~allets~



redpyramid9000's picture

Thank you, I enjoyed writing

Thank you, I enjoyed writing this a lot!

"Demons run when a good man goes to war. Nights will fall and drown the sun when a good man goes to war."