High school

Life is like a box of chocolate,

You sometimes get a rotten part

But for all of you who didn’t

Screw you because now

I got a box overflowing

Overflowing with all of your rejects,

The grossest kinds imaginable

I hope that some one else

Gets a few bad chocolates

Maybe ill get a good one,

Ill never eat it.

Just to be safe

I eat the bad ones

I get sick

The ones I didn't eat

Infest the good ones

Now all that’s left

Is the bitter chocolate

The ones of death

Ridicule, demise

Chocolate of anguish,

Damnation, temptation, pain,

Desperation and suffering

The talent of a woman

Is matched only by my chocolate

Both can do the same

Bring me to my knees

I’ll cry and pray

Just take me away

I can’t live like this,

Eternal, hell on earth.  

The punishment of mortals

Is to live a life like mine

I die a thousand deaths

And still reborn unto this

My life doesn’t wax nor wane

Simply trucks on and on

Burning me alive

But ill never die

Author's Notes/Comments: 

why wont this life be cleansed i can take it anylonger

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Laura Minns's picture

your poems are really interestin, i can sometimes relate to your poem, but sometimes my life is gd (my gd chocs), well done you are very talented :)
xXx Laura xXx