Just venting today

You ignore me/you never give me recognition/
Always lookin for others acceptance/thus/your always missin/
The greatest gift of all/as you tell me/your depressed when/
You look at your life/and smash/the/ fuckin reflection/

Then the/Pieces go missin/blendin' in with the carpet/
The shag consumes them all/your feet/find em like targets/
So when you try and stand/you feel/the shards just digging deeper/
In your soul/and I ain't talkin 'bout fuckin sneakers/

I wish baggage were like shoes/I'd just tell it to shoo/
Get a new pair/or two/because you see not even glue/
Can hold true/two halves/I'll need another cast/after you/
They say time heals all/but they forget to say that it destroys too/

A bottle or two/that'll be sufficient enough/
Of a fricken cast/smashed/when love hits it's rough/
First it was life/that weighed me down/now add a few women from the belt/
See I can get drunk to blur the hoes/but life'll always leaves the biggest welts/

And bruises/scrapes/and mental contusions/
My mind I'm losing/in my story's genesis/craving the conclusion/
No way to live/the cup on the table they say it's half full/which is confusin/
Because it looks half empty/at least when in your own fable/your used to losing/

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Writing about life. Plus my gf may be moving in May..... Hmmm life

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ohh I love it! I totally

ohh I love it!

I totally understand wanting to escape the need for acceptance-

it is utter bull shit Lol. I'm sure it will fade, well I tell myself that anyway.


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'I wish baggage were like

'I wish baggage were like shoes/I'd just tell it to shoo/'

My mind thinks:

Baggage is easy to get rid of. Just take the name tag off and leave it at the airport.

Enjoyed the poem...  Sorry about your gf though. Enjoy every moment you have together.

Copyright © morningglory

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I have amother poem using

I have amother poem using baggage in a similar manner. But for this piece I wanted the baggage to be neccesarally bad. I also wa trying to capture how as much as I want to be independent I crave others acceptance

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The Big Dis

Okay, for the intent, what I got was THE BIG VENT - I love 'em. Fortunately, right now, I have none of my own, no baggage. Of course mentioning it, I may have some surface - nothing like putting it all in the 1/2 empty cup! Hows the weather where you are? ~A~




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cold and icy i live in

cold and icy i live in vermont. it wad a good vent tho haha. i need.that shit especially with all the b.s. im dealing with