Náströnd (The Corpse Strand)


I beheld the dark hall

Far from the realm of the sun

On Niflheims cold shore

The grim doors open to the ice wind

Cold gripped my soul

Walls woven of serpents

The corpse strand

Drips with venom

Here stalk the damned

Their flesh torn by wolves

Eternal they wade the cold rivers of poison

The murderer the perjurer the adulterer

Until Ragnarök and beyond

For all of time

Playthings of Nidhöggr

The great vampire serpent

Who gnaws the roots of our world

Grim torment

But I sink further

For I am truly damned!

Is that enough?

Would you know more?

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Aden Recreated's picture

It's nice, it's interesting. You always seem to leave the reader lingering on the last words, thinking about it.