Feels like Jesus's nails are driven into my skull/

Neverending pain and senses are now dull/

The light burns like holy water/

"I thirst so deeply", is what I told her/

Darkness is my only cure because pills have failed me/

My inner being is dead and bloated in the river Stix as nightmares run free/

Skin is cold and the blood is hot/

The Hunger is one I wish I forgot/

But I pierce the flesh and quench the burning desire/

Someone please stake me and set me on fire/

I can't drain life forever/

My dead soul never rests, never//

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one sucks I think but its the last one in my poem book I finally finished.

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jsb87uk's picture

Wow this sent shivers down my spine.
I really like it xxx