Siberian Tiger

Miscarriage Poems

Nicole, when you were still with me,

I did a picture of a Siberian tiger,

Underneath the picture,

I put your name.

The picture now reminds me of you.

Every time I look at that picture,

I start to cry over you,

I miss you.

I still wonder why stuff went wrong,

What I did to cause it.

You should be here,

But you’re not.

I blame myself for all kinds of things,

Not eating like I should have,

Sleeping too little,

Not listening.

In my heart is the picture I made,

See the white tiger,

So young, pure

It’s you.

My little tiger cub in heaven with God,

Angels are watching over you,

Someday I’ll be with you,

I promise, baby.

Love ya,


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I have been a vegetarian

I have been a vegetarian since birth, not ongoing for any health reasons, simply because I love animals. I was raised loving animals. My Nirvana is filled with animals. My only tattoo is a Tiger, and thus this poem was special and very loving to me. I have a white Siberian tiger, with cub hanging in my house. I will now think of this poem everytime I look at it. BTW, salvation is filled with mothers like you ... caring for the children. No greater love exists in all of creation than that between a mother and child. None. Thank you for this. Namaste.